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the best courses on Skillshare start Learning new skills every day !

what are the best skillshare courses for online entrepreneur !

in this post i'm going to be sharing five of my top favorites for growing your brand fast .
tips and tools for building your influence with design video and on this post  we do take your refuse as well tips and strategy so look for a new near consider partnering with skillshare for this video because it's honestly one of my favorite sites on the internet because it is a learning community and if you've been around think media for very long you know that a devotion to personal development is something i'm isn't about i really believe that lifelong leaders our lifelong learners but if you've never heard of scale share.
 here's a quick overview about what to actually is it's an online learning commute maybe with over Twenty thousand courses to choose from with new courses being added all the time and anybody can take a class do a project and even teach a class which i think is the awesome opportunity for you in the think media community to think about monetizing your knowledge your skills
and you're expertise and the user interfaces supercool you're able to of course play videos they have a great mobile app that you can access any of the courses on the goal and there's also the community aspects you can gauge in the comments and actually
we really be a part of a group of creative professionals who are ambitious and past
is it about leveling up their skills all the time and the reason i'm so passionate about this is a really believe that to stay relevant in the modern she's you have to always be leveling up your skills .skill development is so turn for you and for me so that we can stay current with new platforms new friends new technologies as well as traditional skills
like leadership communication you know market
being and those types of things and so what are the things that
i think that we should all develop is a personal
development plan and what i love about schools share is it allows you pick from courses and to actually go through
quality content and level of skills that you want to develop someone asked a question you could even post in the comments what is one of these skills that
i want to work on the most that would move the needle the most
for your brand maybe your business you're youtube channel , your blog ,website .etc...

 I want to jump into five of my top favorite classes
 in skillshare courses for entrepreneur .

2-10 New Rules of Entrepreneurship

3-Business Setup for Creative Entrepreneurs

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