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Google Search Operators: For Bloggers, SEOs & Link Builders

Learn Google's Search Operators to Write Better Search Engine Queries to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities in Less Time
This course is all about using Google's Search Operators to help you find the most relevant content, companies and websites to build partnerships with so you can perform better link building and guest blogging that not only Google will love, but your traffic and audience as well!
Together we'll cover Google Search Operators that are specific for Bloggers, SEOs & Link Builders.
You'll discover:
  • Google's basic search operators and how to use them
  • How to find specific directories, forums and Q&A sites in your niche
  • How to find guest blogging opportunities
  • How to find authoritative sites within your industry
  • How to search within specific sites and content management systems
  • How to find specific contests, sponors or reviews within your niche
  • and even how to find good ideas for crafting amazing link bait content


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