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3 Free Courses to Learn HOW To Start Affiliate Markting

1- How to build an Affiliate Marketing Blog with Wordpress.
you are going to learn the basics on how you can set up your own affiliate marketing blog.  You will get past all the technical set up that may seem daunting when you are new to creating a website online.
After completing this course you will be ready to create your very own blog and be adding content and getting traffic

2- Affiliate Marketing & Ad tracking with LinkTrackr 
In this course, you will discover how to use LinkTrackr to cloak and mask your affiliate links, track your sales and leads, optimize landing pages and get better ROI.
We also show you how to get a trial LinkTrackr account so you can follow along with this course and get to know the full capabilities of LinkTrackr.

3- Free sales + Markting Training program for your website
I will teach you all of those methods based on my own service based company called Marketinghope. We are focusing on doing SEO and SMM for our clients. Since it´s really tough nowadays to get customers with conventional methods, I came up with those awesome ways. If you are looking to do affiliate marketing for me then I would be more than welcome if you would like to join our team. We are hiring anyone that successfully completes the Quiz at the end of the course!

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